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Crash Bandicoot Betting Autoplay Options

Each crash game might have slightly different autoplay settings, and we recommend exploring them before making your first bet.

You can set the number of total bets that you want to be conducted automatically, or you can take advantage of the Stop on Profit and Stop on Loss options, which are available in many crash betting titles.

Simply put, automatic betting rounds will stop if you make a profit you’ve entered on Stop on Profit or if you lose the amount entered in the Stop on Loss field.

Alternatively, you can set the auto bets to stop once you win or lose a certain percentage of money.

Minimum and Maximum Crash Points

All crash games have a minimum and a maximum crash point.

The minimum is 1x for all games, whereas the maximum varies depending on the game you choose, but it’s usually around 1,000x.

Different Types of Crash Gambling

Image of Crash Gambling Game With Tank Image

Every crash betting game is unique, but they can all be divided into three big categories.

Online Casino Crash Gambling — Many online casinos feature crash games that you can play using fiat currencies, such as dollars and euros.

Crypto Crash Betting — Crash games were developed to explore the possibilities of cryptocurrencies. If you’re a crypto user, you can find several great options on the web. Gameplay-wise, they aren’t different at all from non-crypto crash games.

CS:GO Crash Gambling — Crash turned out to be very popular among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. There are special crash games where you can wager in-game skins, cases, and loot boxes instead of real money and earn prizes that way.

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