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Game crash with oops error, just bought the game

Hi there, just got the game and about 10-15min in it has crashed with "oops! The game crashed. The crash report folder next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game!" This is the second crash within 30min of owning and playing the game, first time it crashed it crashed with a blue screen and restarted my pc, now it gives me the oops error. Any help would be appreciated.


This was a well polished game even in alpha. chances are it is on your end. I am saying this only to back up what @NULLYUKI said. Look at your Pc.

My guess is it will be something small. like drivers. If you are getting BSOD then there may be a bigger prob. If you still have probs. Try to give more info about it. PC specs, etc... It is a good game with a good fan base, I hope you get it fixed.

I've heard it's a great game, my friends gifted it to me so I could play with them. My PC has just had a fresh windows installation due to some issues I had but all is ok now. The bsod is a common one which I haven't had for a long time. Drivers are latest version. The game looks really good and i'd love get playing as it seems likie an awesome game haha

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